#sealed envelope#

Sealed envelope …. by Destiny

Destiny's Designz

Written for : Reena’s Xploration Challenge #281

Reena’s message: Let’s see how you choose to open and decode this message 🙂

I shared with the stars
my dreams and wishes
they winked at me
yet promised nothing

I mumbled to the moon
of my pain and fears
it shone on me
yet remained silent

I screamed to the skies
tales of woes
it sheltered me
yet refused to reply

across the skies
carried by stars
delivered the moonlight
A sealed envelope
my heart knew
my soul understood
a little bit of heaven
lay within 🤍

sealed still
to – be – read
when I do
I promise to
to share 😁😉

read with a smile, words 
to understand , messages
dropped ~ from me to you 🌹

Gratitude : Thank you, Tanmay… for allowing me to steal your line😁🤍


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