A conversation with my younger self was long overdue. Yes, I remember the teacher who said I can write, but never be a good speaker. She is dead now, and I pay homage every year on the social media post put up by her daughters.

I remember that my favourite teacher once stained my picture-perfect notebooks with a red cross, because he was in a foul mood. I smile when he compliments me on social media now.

I wonder if those people who stung my soul with their venomous words remember what they said. Maybe it was an outpouring of their own angst, and some of them are no more.

sharp, thorny glances
pierce shreds of scarce confidence
birds flee branch to fly

Haibun Monday


16 thoughts on “Confidence

  1. Reena, I think those unkind/harmful words come from all sorts of places inside of a person. Some throw them with careless regard, some with practiced aiming. I also think that kind/encouraging words come from similar intentions. With young people, the effects can serve to crush or lift, to destroy or toughen. I do think karma serves each of those actors in like kind. I’m happy that you rose above the negatives, you beautiful flying bird ❤

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  2. The weight of being a teacher or mentor is sometimes a little too heavy for mere mortal human beings. Thank goodness when we reach adulthood, we can understand that. There must be a purpose for the way kids ‘carry’ disheartening messages. Perhaps, the lesson in it is useful to their ‘adult’ awakening. Very nice haibun!

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  3. They have such an effect on us when we are so young! I carried with me an ‘I can’t draw’ story most of my life – regardless of the fact that I did and do draw. Now in old age I recognise that I have my own style of sketching, which is perfectly valid.

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