“Peel onions the right way. There should be no wastage.”

“Boil eggs correctly. They should not be overdone or underdone.”

“Is this the time to read? Aren’t you responsible for housework first?”

“A woman has to place her family on priority. Career is just your indulgence.”

The old woman is fed up of mouthing these words, which nobody pays heed to. She falls into a disappointed and disturbed silence.

She knows it is all irrelevant, but the beast of interference she has endured in her youth refuses to leave her. The words still echo in her now empty nest.

Story Challenge in 99 words


19 thoughts on “Beast

      1. I heard childhood trauma in all of it!! “Your not good enough!” Your priorities are screwed up!” You will never amount to anything more than a house wife !” Close? Maybe it just resonates with me more than I would have liked it to!

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