Reena’s Xploration Challenge #273 – Happiness

Happiness ….by Lady Lee


Photo courtesy of
by Flash Alexander

Happiest when I’m with you
Sun’s bright and the sky is blue

Always in a euphoric trance
In the clouds and on air we dance

Challenges we can take together
Fighting our way through life whenever

Seeing the joy and delight in each one
Travelling, swimming, biking and have fun*


Envelope ourselves with compassion

When conformity nowadays is in fashion

All these hardship and challenges we feel

The burning enthusiasm, merciless zeal

Would be great to follow our passion

Some people survive with their ration

In poverty, some faces turned ashen

And in kind hearts we want to appeal

Envelope ourselves

Keep out of danger, seatbelts we fasten

Choices we make, innovation or cash in

On gentle breeze, with steady keel

Empathy and compassion we feel

Harmony is such one big fashion

Envelope ourselves*

(c) ladyleemanila 2023

*A Rondeau


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