Gods of the Universe

every story of crime or war
de-souling of humans
sun, moon and stars
What’s the point in being
a mute witness?
you join criminals in the dark

you watch soundlessly
confusion in un-lighted psyches
fail to make truth heard
hide facts in darkness or glare
strengthen erroneous beliefs
no enlightenment, no relief

mental stories asphyxiate
no one else can relate
unheeled, uncrowned islands
floating in etherness
imperceptible, undefined

dark holes, infinity, spaces
support the unexplainable
theories in lab-like places
invented to make sense
of what is legible, visible
perceptible, audible

Gods of the Universe!
Will you stop making sense
If reality is loud and clear
Will you lose relevance
If dots connect
Souls remember

Meeting the Bar – Wordplay

17 thoughts on “Gods of the Universe

  1. SMiLes Reena Humans Have Been Known

    To Complain in ‘Think’ About How Randomly

    And Misplaced Stars Are in Night Skies

    Yet True The UNiVeRSE Needs No

    Help From Human Gods

    As the Spiraling

    Milky Way

    Above in Flow

    Reflects the Home

    of the Humble Nautilus

    Who Creates A Shell of the

    Milky Way Below Without A Word

    of Think or Other Clothes of Human Idol Gods

    Oh Nature Yes She Breathes Free Oh Nature

    True He Breathes Free And So Do We When

    We Don’t Tell Nature What Nature

    Must or Must Not Do

    From Our Small

    View Below

    Above oF All With SMiLes

    Oh How Strange it is Not to Be
    Able to ‘See’ One NaTuRE ALL..:)

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