Conscious Fashion

The survivor took great pride in declaring its Indian origin, and the philosophy of non-violence practised by a section of the population.

“I pierced the cocoon to come out and am living a full life. The manufacturers still get the silk they need to make those luxurious and visually delightful sarees, but without killing the silkworms that produce the yarn.”

Kusuma Rajaiah is the inventor of Ahimsa (non-violence) silk, which takes a longer production time but lives up to its purpose. The texture and feel is the same as regular silk.

It lives up to expectations of conscious fashion followers.

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18 thoughts on “Conscious Fashion

  1. Hello Reena! I am amazed by the innovative and conscious approach taken by Kusuma Rajaiah towards silk production. The concept of Ahimsa silk not only promotes sustainability but also highlights the importance of non-violence towards living beings. It is heartwarming to know that the production of luxurious items like sarees can be done without harming silkworms.

    The fact that the texture and feel of Ahimsa silk are the same as regular silk is truly remarkable, as it shows that we can continue to enjoy the same luxurious products without causing harm to any living beings. Kusuma Rajaiah’s dedication to creating non-violent silk is inspiring and sets an example for conscious fashion practices that can help protect the environment and all living beings.

    Thank you, for sharing this precious knowledge with us. 👍😊

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