All that is local

“This is the art that brought me to another country. I was invited by a resident to decorate the alleys with cheap material, and I used rice powder.”

“Anybody can do it.”

“Yes. Maybe they can. But I kept innovating with my art. The movement from rice powder to vibrant  colours got me international fame. I decorated the White House for Diwali celebrations last year.”

“It’s time to come back to your homeland. Youngsters who need to learn want that international stamp of approval. Local artists are undervalued.”

It’s sad but true. We need to give it a deeper thought.

Friday Fictioneers


20 thoughts on “All that is local

      1. You’re welcome. Same here with our elders. A family tradition was to sit around the kitchen table with the photo albums and go through them, IDing and telling the stories about them. With my kids they know pictures to be disposables in phones and have no interest in the many albums I’ve inherited from my mom and grandma 😦

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