I see them jumping high
challenging their own dwarfness
not accepting defeat
hoping to touch the target
and one day they do
-my puppies have climbed the bed today


They are the light of my life
Bringing love and happiness
I get carried away in their excitement
Reprimand them for damaging things
Smiling when they don’t obey
Wistfully, I long to have that spirit
Break barriers imposed to protect others
Explore what’s on the other side
Welcome love and affection
Abandon selfish desires to control
Keep growing with every jump


I hear myself laughing at silly antics
Wake up to welcome the morning with anticipation
Someone’s waiting for food
Someone wants to play with me
It highlights the emptiness that lay before
Silent and imperceptible
I know what was lacking in my life
How the spaces have been filled
By love, mischief and playfulness

MTB – Three way split


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