On the other side

My friend cribs about her tough life in a sales job, her monstrous boss and unfair incentive schemes. Clearly, she does not enjoy her job – nor did I. But being conversant with something helped me navigate the downturns better.

I steer the conversation to what she’d like to do – lounge around in pyjamas, write poetry, flick television channels…. the strong, financially independent woman turns up her nose in disgust.

How long does it take to realize that the green-ness of grass on any side really does not matter, and that we looking for just comfortable ground to walk on?

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16 thoughts on “On the other side

  1. I suspect, for some, the answer is ‘Never’*

    *that may be a ‘trick answer’ lol
    To assert that (some) people will
    “…never realize that the green-ness of grass on any side really does not matter
    does not account for the possibility that a person can thrive on the notion that their life is not as good as another’s. Bitter fruit may not taste as good as fresh, but it’s closer to alcohol than is the ripe.

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  2. To each his own, however, work, not necessarily employment gives one a sense of relevancy. Not all jobs are perfect but we can learn much about ourselves and how to face life’s challenges.

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