Playing with Words

fiddle with objects
for no reason
change something
that doesn’t need change
channel-surf on television
scroll down Instagram
till eyes ache
ask a puppy to fetch the ball
hope his energy infuses me
-It’s sheer boredom

open a device
get in a state of flow
play with words
let something emerge
from my deepest core

I’m just a medium
I’m at my best

dVerse Poetics hosted by Lisa


14 thoughts on “Playing with Words

  1. Reena, your poem made me think of something Confucius (is reported to have) said way back when when people tried to say he was the author of The Analects. He said (paraphrasing,) “I didn’t write it. I’m a transmitter.” Sometimes I wonder if we are merely conduits that bring what’s “out there” “in here.” Thanks for the evocative writing.

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