“Thai cooking is no joke without the right ingredients”, the celebrity chef grumbled, “I found galangal, but kaffir lime leaves are substituted with lemon zest.”

“Don’t you think ingredients need to be sourced from abroad, for the astronomical price that you charge for a meal?” the local chef was feeling left out.

“Understand the opportunity cost, dahling. I’ve closed down operations in Bangkok for 20 days and flew down the entire team here.”

Guests who paid INR 50K for a meal are busy posting pics on social media on the exotic experience. There’s a price to be paid for snobbery.

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20 thoughts on “Exotica

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  2. lol
    how better might you demonstrate your superior taste (in cuisine or anything else, for that matter) to those around you than to proudly hold up the price tag? the modern badge of membership among the economic elite

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