Naga Chilly

hooked by uncertainty
she is hot, she’s spicy
eyes shut- just taste, don’t see
-she shocks, she numbs

bright red naga chilly
compels cooks to sweeten
for palates unbeaten
-balanced dishes

Chosen form is Abhanga

The Abhanga is:

  • stanzaic, written in any number of quatrains (4 line stanzas).
  • syllabic, 6/6/6/4 syllables each
  • rhymed L2 and L3 rhyme. Often internal rhyme is employed. End rhyme scheme x a a x , x being unrhymed.

Written for Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge #309


29 thoughts on “Naga Chilly

  1. Oh wow. You pulled me into the sweet dish (ice cream?) so gradually I didn’t see it coming! I wonder how it tastes. I have had garlic ice cream, which to my amazement I liked!

    Liked by 1 person

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