Let me be

I never wanted to be like her or you
She put a candle, with no single hue.

Wherein her splendour proved an ecstasy,
Yield my life, and dust your humility.

She put a lighter thought along her lips,
Silent as the dawn from a sweet eclipse!

Poem generated through Website: Verse by Verse

Image source: Photosonic on writesonic.com

Keywords – Flying Dogs

In response to Meet the Bar artificially at dVerse


20 thoughts on “Let me be

  1. Interesting lines and style, but I can’t place why it feels…cold when you are normally a warmer writer.

    I just looked through the other comments and my brain realized this was AI generated (I know you put it in the post, but my brain told me it was a rhyming program lol) this is a cool concept, but it’s not nearly as good as what you normally write

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