Vanished Question

Competition and Collaboration both look at the same problem. The problem is fairly consistent, but the view changes as vested interests give it a different colour.

So much so, that the question mark looks kaleidoscopic. Rainbows assume shapes of a question mark, but it turns out to be a manipulated prank by the meteorological department. They celebrate their first victory of making the sky look different.

We live in a world which will soon be dominated by virtual and augmented reality. My truth will be different from yours. On what basis can I say that my solution is better or worse than yours?

The question mark has not changed colour. Backdrops and reflections are changing.

The people around are different facets of the same issue with a different interest. I won’t be surprised if some elements start a war against each other, and factions are created.

Meanwhile, the question mark is getting lighter, less visible. I see it sinking and being absorbed into the earth. There are some who swear that they saw it vanishing into thin air, and attribute it to divine intervention.

So, there is no problem now. But people are aligned to their purpose. Networks will highlight different facets, and how they contribute to solve a problem threatening to consume them.

I hear rumblings from below the earth. Sailors report strong undercurrents at certain hours. The sky continues to change colour. The meteorological department is silent, as it may be risky to take credit for something which turns out to be negative.

The question will reappear, but in a different avatar.

RXC #268


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