Vision in AR & VR times

Six blind men took a different view of what an elephant looks like, with the help of available resources. They stood at a particular place and touched the elephant.

Technology has since moved far ahead. It can rotate the view for them, showing different angles. It can give them 3-D prints from different angles to feel the shape.

Answers will change as they interact with the object and with each other. They will question competence of others to gauge reality. All kinds of biases will then emerge.

“You know what …. I was not born blind. I once saw an elephant.”

“Do you really need to ‘see’ things? Visualization is more important, and I’ve been trained to do that.”

“Is there something I missed out on? I understand shapes, but the nomenclature you guys’ use is different.”

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #268


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