You were Love

You entered our lives 20 years ago, and we learnt what unconditional love means. You spent a little more than three years sharing our abode, and then left us forever.

Not a single day passes when I don’t think about you. It will be a lie to say that this year’s a different thing – I’ll not think of you.

I will, but it will be without that tinge of pain. I see your shadow in the two little pups that have entered my house, bringing back love. Unlike you, they are naughty and make me run around all day. The house is a royal mess, since I’m compelled to put up barriers everywhere.

You were unique with your level of maturity and understanding. You were love.

What I have now is a wave of fresh air, not the mellow bond I shared with you.

Prosery – Last Year, Lost Love

Prompt line

“This year’s a different thing, –

I’ll not think of you.”

from Charlotte Mew, “I so liked Spring”


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