Speak to us, threaten….

I grew up in an era when television screens received inputs from metal antennae planted on terraces. Watching the sun entangled between bars saddened the child in me.

I was taught at home not to catch butterflies and cause them pain, but dissecting a frog in the lab was forgivable.

Dear Nature, your silence has led to ever-widening rifts between ambitious humans and other not-so-vocal parts of the universe. Hiding in forests or expressing rage through uncontrollable fires won’t help.

Speak to us; help us decode your constitution.

Clarify that humans will pay a price for transgression of boundaries.

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24 thoughts on “Speak to us, threaten….

  1. True, although I refused to dissect the frog. I think we were did more for the planet in the 70’s. No plastic, milk bottles and Corona bottles reused. Paper bags. We shopped daily rather than weekly, so there was less food waste. Also left overs were used, not thrown away.

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