rings of delusion
conceal hollow cores
-leave scared space
for doctrines, opinion,
-to seep into structures
invisible alteration
rendering existence
fettered and futile
-on borrowed oxygen

the sun does not set
on empires
-which control
day and night
-the clock shows twelve
instead of 24 hours
-hands of power
on the throat of time
-calendars of achievement
every year

-hunger for power is global
there’s no satiety
-food and prosperity
is no substitute
for control on
in entirety

societies need
seamless integration
only for a smooth run

not for denial of independent thought
keeping minds in subjugation
-undeniable evil
not welfare nations

can you vote?
can you stand straight?
can you fight
or take a flight
out of lands
with no freedom?

Reena’s Xploration Challenge

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23 thoughts on “Subjugation

  1. Amazing writing here.
    “the clock shows twelve
    instead of 24 hours
    -hands of power
    on the throat of time”
    I’m struck by these lines – juxtaposed with the lies politicians and their followers espouse.
    Also – the final words “The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” I find this a strong statement of affirmation but sadly, not true for all people. I think, for example, of Ukranians or those unfortunate people buried in rubble in the recent Syrian and Turkish earthquake. Sometimes, we can not pilot time….only react to what happens to us in the click of the clock.

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