Is it Time for One More Time Poem?

One more Time Poem ….by Artie

Enjoy his ride down memory lane.

Artie & Stu

Here’s one from some time out of mind:

Horses prance

all about

the fairgrounds.

The captain’s epaulette

with dangling

tassels tussle

as he rides.

Freaks and Geeks

dance in shows

saying the time

is ours now.

And Mary doesn’t remember


or she does

but will not/just won’t say.

I recall our

parents smiling

while her Ayrshire

red ribboned

I held a blue
for my cow poem (she pronounces po-em).

We climb the Himalaya

holding tight

amid the screams;

can you tell me

when this hurl

will be over

just to help

us stay sane.

Our head-spinning

stops per doctor ordered

Sizzle Onion


an after-thought

for a bun.

Sweet lemonade

hide my hiccup

looking down from

top of the world

Ferris wheel

her hand in mine

making imprints

on eternity.

Let us get

lost in the

house of mirrors

and just when we become afraid we won’t get out

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