#perhaps# …
.by Destiny

Destiny's Designz

Written for Reena’s Prompt #265

You live in a world where no Gods exist.

We live in a world
where no God exists, hardships
bear witness to this

Sailed through life, not void
of trials, we reap the rewards
of efforts alone

Yet at that moment
when all falls, raged we now
look to blame someone

Death and famine rule
worlds, innocence murdered in
grand greed pursued goals

Hearts and souls bereft
pleas for help, questions of why
me, all go unheard

Enraged, we believe~
In joys we are blessed, in
sorrows lie God’s curse

Wronged by God, we feel
just maybe humanity
is the one who wronged

Perhaps we live in
A world where no God exists
Perhaps not~who knows...


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