Copy-pasted scripts

The movie star’s fans are baffled by her attempt to commit suicide.

So many of them would love to be in her shoes to enjoy her fame, wealth, repeated success and enormous fan following. Media persons send several messages, but all remain unanswered.

She announces that she would produce, write, direct and act in her next movie with a cryptic title – DON’T LIVE and the sub-title is ‘a copy-pasted life’.

A junior actress claims “I was approached to act as the lead in the movie, but I cannot re-live her life. The story is her idea and is autobiographical, but the original script was imposed on her by her mother.”

Six Sentence Stories


19 thoughts on “Copy-pasted scripts

  1. Social media allows a person to show a fictional version of themself, always beautiful and successful, and fans believe what they see and don’t question what might be hidden

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  2. You bring up an interesting perspective in your Six this week.
    Every generation develops it’s own slang, usually a word blatantly different from the word it would replace (“cool and sick”)

    But ‘cut and paste’ as it has come to be in the era of computers is another level greater than simple substitution.
    Sure, our parents cut things and pasted things (sometimes sequentially in the pre-online hobby of ‘scrap-booking’)
    But technology has joined the two verbs into one that results in a way that describes an approach to doing things, e.g. writing that is, imo, more than the sum of the parts…

    of course, I could have found an article online that is more descriptive and concise at saying what I’m trying to express and, well, cut ‘n pasted the thing in one-tenth of them time.

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    1. It’s not only cut paste – content generators are available online, eliminating the need for writers. Yesterday, an Indian University has banned use of ChatGpt by students to generate answers.


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