Change is on my mind

I enjoy several pairs of curious eyes riveted on me, as I raise my heels to look beyond the horizon. The Sun winks at me, but no one notices. I wonder if it’s a cue to what lies ahead.

Yes, that is what I would like to know – what lies ahead. And this time around, I don’t want to  compare it with the past or my dreams for the future. Just plain, hard, warm or cold truth on my plate will do fine. 

Every morning whets my appetite. Every night turns me into a philosopher. I am the one who gets influenced, and yet interprets the scene  differently every day.

drama in the sky

planets moving in orbits

change is on my mind

Haibun Monday on dVerse


13 thoughts on “Change is on my mind

  1. An optimistic haibun, Reena, especially as the sun winked at you – a positive portent. I too would like to know what lies ahead, we all seem to have spent our time looking back at what it was like before the pandemic. Yes, change is on our minds.

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