I’ve never heard of RSV.

In the last two years, vested interests have spread a scare about the next wave of Covid impacting kids more than adults. I guess vaccine manufacturers and hoarders have a lot to do with these rumors.

An investor on the Shark Tank India show was candid, “If you can create insecurity in parents’ minds about their kids, and offer a solution, there are huge profits in the offing.”

Right now, non-resident Indians have come home for a holiday, and gripped by panic with the Covid-again scare. There are random checks being conducted at airports. They tell us it’s only Omicron in China with mild symptoms, and 90% of the Indian population is vaccinated. So just wearing a mask in crowded places and basic hygiene should be sufficient.

The problem in China may be low immunity rather than a new strain.

Stock investors in my Money Nirvana group on Whatsapp and Financial Planning and Analysis group on Facebook are circulating memes on a stock market crash.

Let’s see what 2023 brings. I think the worst is behind us.

Friday Faithfuls


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