A popular film director Ismail Merchant gave his reasons for getting married on a talk show.

“When people visit your house, they ask how many children you have. They don’t ask how much money you have earned?”

Unfortunately, he died of a cardiac problem before he could get married.

dreams unfulfilled
children unborn
so good, so bad
only in my thoughts
Will I revise
long-term plans at
the stroke of dawn?

In my social circle, I hear of people talking of children as ‘an investment for the future’. Society is changing fast, and children do not feel compelled to take care of parents forever. They move on with their own lives, quite often to other countries.

For some, watching their own reflections floating around in the world satisfy their vanity.

little people
bits of my soul
will blossom soon
-in colors, shapes
different from my own
controlling minds

For me, leaving a legacy is the highest form of vanity.

The words I write and the thoughts I share will be relegated to the bins of the deep web. The only value it holds is the immediate response I get, or the discussions it generates. The same applies to whatever good deeds I do to help someone.

on sand – mirage
like far-off horizons
immortality lies in here
and now


19 thoughts on “Immortality

  1. Yet words may be found later on, whether by one or one million.

    Seems everyone has their style of creation.
    Differences are always under judgement.

    Love this thoughtful entry, Reena, and agree with much of what is expressed here afterward thus far.

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  2. Is it possible to live life fully without children? Not for me but every person must decide for themselves… humans are allowed that choice. Are my children my only legacy, not at all, but they are my most important part.
    To have a tangible conscious investment in the future, children are the way. A tree produces seeds- its only hope to touch the future. The tree’s shade, beauty, and fruit are important, but the future of trees resides only in their seeds. Expecting those seedlings to honor their heritage isn’t the point. But when future ‘eyes’ observe them thoughtfully, whence they came will be available to those who want to know.

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  3. I must politely disagree with you here Reena! Written words have impact and legacy way beyond our lifetime. Yes they have immediate impact too regarding discussions & thoughts they stimulate etc. It’s why we’re still reading poetry and novels written last century. Kids too are a legacy, individuals in their own right but also reflections of who you are & what you believe. But I respect your opinion and would add that words and kids shouldn’t be the only things used to judge a person by.


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