I live alone in fear of arguments, and I sing alone in fear of dissonance, but please do not judge me.

I write but do not publish, so that uninitiated readers may not disturb the rhythm with uncalled for comments.

Yet, the meter of my verse feels incomplete; it speaks but lacks validation. There are no yardsticks for comparison to strike the right note.

Life cannot be an arc; I need others to meet me at some point and complete the circle.

How does it matter if I keep going round in confusion, if I learn something in every rotation?

Six Sentence Stories


26 thoughts on “Incomplete

  1. Great question! Who sets the timeclock on learning? It makes sense to me to take it slow, choose safe audiences, as you build up to a broader audience. You go, Girl! You’ll know when the time is right, because you’ve been listening all along.

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      1. Altho’ like is not quite right. They can always swipe on by if they’re not pleased. And if they don’t politely swipe, may they get coal in their Xmas stockings. Ugh. Sorry people were ugly to you.

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