It is the same house
once inhabited by generosity
now plundered by successors
-they’ve taken away
values and wishes of harmony
principles and precious belongings

heat of arguments
pervades the air
wispy strands of warmth
disappear into oblivion

legacies do not define
they degenerate..

dVerse Quadrille


9 thoughts on “Legacy

  1. I like this…I think. The whole poem spoke to me, but the last line gave me pause. Legacy means something other than progression to me. Perhaps, I missed the point but either way it was well-crafted, and the image was perfect!

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  2. Reena, you chose a wonderful image to go with your poem. The cyclicity of things mean perpetual waxes and wanes. The place in your poem is a terminal point before the next cycle begins. Great lines:
    “wispy strands of warmth
    disappear into oblivion”

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