More than a Black Friday

I am a late entrant to the field of budgeting, but wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else.

I have given in to impulse, all the more when I was transfixed by an item in shop windows.

Gifting assumes more serious proportions. I happen to be in an environment, where relationships, affection and devotion are measured by the quality of gifts one doles out. I’m not very happy to say that on one occasion in life, I applied for an overdraft facility in December, to cope up with gifting expenses for 15 relatives who decided to visit us in batches, but during the same month.

The factors under consideration are

  • what do I owe them in return for gifts received
  • their likes and dislikes and expectations
  • size of the gift. I prefer giving small items which can be packed easily to guests visiting from abroad. Silk scarves, rolled canvas paintings and miniature gifts come to my aid.

Yes, budgets do matter.

The easy method I adopt now is placing orders online, and having the gifts delivered to near and dear ones. It saves all my trouble of packing and carrying.

I cannot hide the price, but I am beyond caring now 🙂


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