The Widow

The chosen form is Anaduo

Any number of sestets
Syllalbic 11/11/8/11/11/8
Meter: All lines are acephalous anapestic
Rhyme Scheme:  aabccb

widows mourn in black; or so the whole world knows
in the folds of darkness is her future thrown
her indifference peeves the world

strong-headed, uncaring she’s made out to be
in her moment of grief, un-bended stands she
her gray scarf makes a statement bold

and then someone notices a speck of red
calling attention, when her husband lies dead
deep down there, he knows how she’s viewed

he always loved her for that courage supreme
it did not crack his ego, nor self-esteem
she is changing, but stands renewed

in charge of her life, directing destiny
she will forge ahead; but it’s not mutiny
it’s just a way of life, not rude

Tanka Tuesday Weekly Poetry Challenge #ThemePrompt

Theme given by Eugenia – Gray Scarf


19 thoughts on “The Widow

    1. Was just reading something on intersectionality in mental health. Create a state different from the normal, and create pressure for social acceptance.

      I guess it has successfully happened in the case of live-in relationships and surrogate motherhood. The point is we need to keep working at new models rather than blindly continuing the old ones.

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