The nature of Freedom #RXC

The nature of freedom …. By Jude Itakali

Disclaimer: The thoughts below are not meant to offend and are open to criticism and debate.

Sometimes I ponder freedom as a concept. I watch both its chosen and self-proclaimed disciples. Those that want it, those that need it, and those who have been better off without it.
What does the blood of conquerors do with freedom, but to wreak havoc upon all others.
In a land of many tribes with many languages, and many beliefs, will choice represent freedom, or will it bring anarchy?
Can anyone hold the patent to what freedom should be?
Should anyone impose their way upon another?

The ways of this world
evolve with changing knowledge
But the cores are wise
they have stood the test of time
Identities set in stone

Is freedom a thing like Death, profound and meant for all?
And if it is like death, then the way we perceive it…

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5 thoughts on “The nature of Freedom #RXC

  1. Freedom resides in the eye of the beholder. Freedom is desired by some, while it means anarchy to another. Also, there are varying degrees of freedom as we witness daily. To my Ukrainian friends, their fight to retain freedom is literal and in my opinion, just. Yet, to the average American, freedom means being able to make medical and sexual decisions on ones own terms. It’s a complicated, tumultuous and highly debated philosophical and ethical state of being. To me, it represents the epitome of good vs evil.

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