Locked Up (Blitz Poem)

Locked up —- a blitz poem — by Michelle Ayon Navajas


Locked Up

locked up and caged
locked up and broken
broken like little mice
broken little lives
lives played
lives ruined
ruined for entertainment
ruined for fun
fun and amusement
fun and recreation
recreation or past time
recreation or abuse
abuse for life
abuse for nature’s gift
gift given
gift bestowed
bestowed by God
bestowed for humanity
humanity destroying
humanity playing
playing God
playing a fool
fool to believe
fool to castigate
castigate when wrong
castigate when disobedient
disobedient to authority
disobedient to tyranny
tyranny and bigotry
tyranny and oppression
oppression and persecution
oppression and despotism
despotism over democracy
despotism over freedom
freedom of speech
freedom of fear
fear from persecution
fear from execution
execution without just trial
execution without fair judgement
judgement call
judgement eye
eye for truth
eye for justice
justice delayed
justice denied
denied and banned
denied and forsaken
forsaken by humanity
forsaken by fate

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