Response: MTB- Critique and Craft

To Mark
Let the poetic sound of moons and stars invade your night thoughts to give you sweet dreams always for in your dreams lies the happiness you truly want. hope you enjoy the book Michelle

I’m limited; I’m human
May God be with you
Through stars, moon or sun
Let radiance permeate you

I see you as the medium
reflecting God’s light
I dreamt of you as a savior
first to recognize my plight

Don’t bestow divinity
Find power within you
You dream of infinity
May real numbers please you

I know what’s real; what’s not
There’s got to be a benchmark
Or what I desire, you know not
I dream in daylight, not dark

March ahead; the world’s all yours
For you’ve found love within you
Keep adding value to years and hours
Enrich the world by all you do

MTB at dVerse


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