Fairy Tales

The fairies that live beneath the ground always boost energy. It is strange how those with the power to fly choose to remain underground and inspire others.

The colors she sees flying across the sky in the form of clouds, rainbows, sunrise or sunset hues become fairies in her mind. They are real, visible but beyond her reach. All the books carrying fairy tales emerge from that space to become tangible dreams – like the 1131 letters written in 26 years.

She breathed between the alphabets and was happy to inspire so much of literary work.

Till that deadly sentence appeared …

T.S.Eliot was in love with the younger version of Emily Hale. The present version would kill the poet in him.”

He secretly married his secretary who was an ardent admirer of his work.

So, all that a poet needs is a muse and an admirer. A sounding board can be harsh.

And aren’t we all painted in portraits like these – of whatever we mean to the other person? It may or may not resemble the person we see ourselves as.

Emily Hale handed over the box to be kept in archives of Princeton University, and opened 50 years after she or T.S.Eliot passed away. 

If the world still cares to read those, the literary effort stands vindicated.

The fairies did live once upon a time.

The skeletons don’t need to be buried forever. 

But the skull that housed a thought process looks different in different settings. It can be placed in a temple to be revered, in a laboratory to be analyzed or in a new coffin to be buried.

Inspired by T.S. Eliot’s Women

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8 thoughts on “Fairy Tales

  1. Extraordinarily well written, Reena. Some people are just in love with being in love. You can build your own dreams and fantasies around that person without having to put up with the ‘real’ them in every day life. Fantasy is a nice dream, reality is a nightmare.

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