Your post makes me think about how we define and create our own reality, sticking to the safe and familiar. Knowing too much would create discomfort.

A cousin who recently retired said he has taken to reading books on world history, and finds that large sections of mankind have always been racial and cruel. I’d rather stay away from books that describe gory violence.

Chinese food is my favorite, but cooked only with chicken, fish, eggs and vegetables, in a spiced up Indian version. I can’t even think about all the animals they consume. The disgusting videos on social media at the onset of Covid ensure that I’d never visit China.

The irony is that my social circle sees me as quite experimental with food – from different Indian states (21 states is quite vast) and cuisines like French, Italian, Thai, Chinese, Burmese, SriLankan, Spanish – which is more than what they would experiment with. Creole cuisine remains on my bucket list. I’ll learn to cook it someday.

I stay away from refined flour and red meat as far as possible. I may consume it once in a while to honor a host or hostess. An occasional indulgence is fine.

My adventures end there. Can’t think about the foods you describe.

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