Intended Destinations

The journey from this point to that which was so arduous before, does not hold appeal. My feet and bottom are too big to get on those shaky metal rods.

When did I outgrow myself?

How cool is it to not know the possibilities, the horizons that lie beyond your view and see yourself as a champion.

Life will strike soon enough. Nobody is born to be a kid forever.

Nobody is born to slide smoothly forever, without experiencing the mines and oceans, caves and forests, clouds and mountains.

Welcome them to take you to the intended destinations, maybe Death

Written for Friday Fictioneers

24 thoughts on “Intended Destinations

  1. I do like that line…When did I outgrow myself? My daughter is 30 and she has a favourite saying, ‘I’m not adulting today’… Just as Grononine said…we look forward to getting older and bigger when we are a kid…then we are there and the years go by so fast. Aging is an interesting journey indeed. Well told.

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  2. I Agree with Rochelle. When did I outgrow myself? Waiting with such anticipation to be another year older has changed into enjoying each moment before the next one brings me closer to the end of this life. Thought-provoking.

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