Battles unending

you leave me dumbfounded
yes manning all the way
years pass, I’m grounded
youth to greys, decades float away

or have I lost my head as they say
overreact to perceived sophistry
oxygenate ethics, revive the play
obstructing me – your chicanery

realms of stories fall apart
react to untruths, I sure do
rumors abound, paint me dark
reconcile with lies, I won’t do

Written for Saturday Mix – Lucky Dip


7 thoughts on “Battles unending

  1. A unique form. Your verse compliments the image.
    Having to use those 2nd letters of verses created challenges.
    I like what you did. I ended up with hard letters too (well I thought so, but I made them work.) 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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