her laughter is loud, almost indecent
she spits joy on a forlorn world
she who has never felt
moistness in her eyes
or is it what I imagine about her?
How can she ever wipe a tear?

not that tears define my existence
far from it. I’m stoic and distant
called inert sometimes
for senseless acts of loyalty
glorification of half-hearted sacrifice
fails to move me

Me- who believes in authenticity
spends a lifetime
discovering, redefining
restructuring a conflicted self
then realizes
that this is how I’ve always been
and will continue to be so
all re-engineering in vain

but the cacophonous laughter
makes me uncomfortable
perhaps a carefree existence
stirs deep-rooted desires
of flying free
of being me…

Written for dVerse Poetics hosted by Sanaa Rizvi – Allen Ginsberg and the Beat Generation


9 thoughts on “Authentic

  1. This is incredibly moving, Reena! I believe a person cannot escape or change their basic nature.. we may adapt to the ways of the world but there are certain things deep down within us that shape our essence. Perhaps a carefree existence is a state of mind? One we gladly dip into from time to time 😊 Thank you so much for writing to the prompt 💘💘

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