Angel Number 1271 #Haibun poetry and prose

Angel number 1271 ….. by Jude Itakali


between fire and ice
hallows stir and spirits wake
the bronze season falls

The Angel has used many names. Most are long forgotten. Those still remembered are different in every way but one; they all add up to the number 1271.
The mystics behind this number have been debated by sharmans and spiritualists across cultures for millenia unceasing. And through all their claims, proofs, beliefs and denouncements, there has only ever been one consensus:
The Angel is a Sepia being. On the edge of deepest evil and highest virtue. Its blessings often turn to curses, while its curses age into blessings. For this is a fallen being. Benign and sinister.

1271 – the ancient Banyan oak is born, mother of the forest.
1271 – name of the first steam engine, lost forever, tracks forgotten, forest preserved.
1271 – The Angel number!
Many who wander the Angel’s woods find what…

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