This is based on the limited understanding that I have of the metaverse so far.

Creating illusions will give humans a false sense of power. I can write a happy story in the metaverse. But my real life has not changed much, other than giving me Ecstasy (pun intended) or hallucinations. If I repay a loan in the metaverse, will the real bank close the account?

Will the Harry Potter generation ever learn to work to earn, or depend only on learning magical tricks?

The biggest question – Why do we need it? Are there Big Brothers out there who want to manipulate the masses into achieving what they want? The motives and game plans are not yet clear.

Web 3.0 or the metaverse is supposed to be a layer which uses the internet as a substrate. We can keep creating newer versions of technology to combat the older ones. What happens to governance?

If there is no common law and no governance, all definitions of right and wrong, good and evil, crime, morality will change. Are we mentally and emotionally equipped for the same?

All said and done, I’m not against the idea of using it or testing the system.

A paragraph I came across in a news article on Metaverse and Banking.

The metaverse is simply a digital representation of our existing reality. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? It has moving pieces of the puzzle that can make it into a possibility followed by a business opportunity.

Platform, technology, marketplace, and commerce play vital roles in developing the metaverse. Participants in each ecosystem are characterized by distinct evolution processes. Holographic and immersive gadgets will be used to create the Metaverse. Digital items are projected into the real world, appearing as if they are actually there, with holographic devices. Virtual reality replaces the physical environment and provides an immersive experience by concealing it.

Source: Economic Times

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7 thoughts on “Metaverse

  1. Any services provided on the MetaVerse, I liken to being fulfilled as on websites. It’s just another way to immerse an individual in the process but less “real” than before. Sadly, I think this will continue to disassociate us from people rather than feel more engaged to it. Personally, I’d rather experience virtual reality like the Holodeck on Star Trek.

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