September is a seasonal transition – moving from monsoon to winter. There’s a sense of anticipation in the air, as the sky changes color from dark gray to brighter hues.

Festivities and weddings start from October. It’s a busy period out there for traders, manufacturers and those in the hospitality business. Women get busy planning their festive and winter wardrobes and culinary adventures.

I like the nip in the air and the transparency of fading clouds. Neutrality offers freedom to float, withdraw or switch over to a different color palette.

repainting life on
clear blue skies – segue into
new, intriguing worlds

Written for Haibun Monday on dVerse


15 thoughts on “September

  1. So interesting the way September brings various meanings depending on where you are. Thanks for sharing that. The last lines have a metaphorical feel to them, which I especially love.

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