Legacy of the oppressed

muffled voices
shudder in anticipation
of impending storms
that will permeate
a power-driven world

a world that worships
success without ethics
imposes rules
with vested interests
on the plea
of perpetuating
a tradition

the shadowy figure curses
-unaware of the potency
of its injured right to exist
releases long-held anguish

curses are legacies of the oppressed
damnation- a cry of helplessness
denunciation – a statement of rebellion
condemnation – endorsement of right to life

Wake Up – see what surrounds you
whirlpools weaken your feet
volcanoes threaten to erupt
let the lava immolate your ego
release others from bondage

Written for Reena’s Xploration Challenge RXC#249

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