Reena’s Xploration Challenge #249

Legacy …by Cheryl

The Bag Lady


Legacy…to me this means something of value you give to your relatives or friends when you pass away. I really don’t have much to offer my family in this respect. This year when my granddaughter turned 16, I gave her my gold circle locket necklace that has my initials and birthdate on it which I received at a 16th birthday, 60 years ago. If that’s considered a legacy then so be it.

We have moved so much and I have two storage units but there’s rarely anything in there that I would consider to have enough value to give or leave to anyone.

When my mom died, I wanted something but really received nothing except a pair of earrings and it saddens me to see pics of my three sister’s homes with items I might wish to have had. But I lived two thousand miles away and that was…

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