Bequest ….. By Diana Coombes

Writer Ravenclaw

This week from is one word.


but we can use any of these or other synonyms

Benefaction, Bequeathal, Bequest, Bestowal, Birthright, Devise, Endowment, Gift, Heirloom, Heritage, Inheritance, Patrimony, Provision, Settlement, Hereditament

Sitting in the lawyer’s office a variety of relatives (distant and close), listens to the will of Sir Bernard Fotherington, who at the grand old age of eighty died in suspicious circumstances. A benefaction of his twenty-two-room mansion, or a painting of his favourite horse, perhaps a bestowal of an antique vase in the settlement.

There were never as many people in his life when he was alive, than in that room today. Provision is made for staff, especially his old butler. Thirty years faithful service, and he hoped for an endowment to allow him to retire. He didn’t want to work for Fotherington junior, his attention to his heritage, never allowed servants a say.


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