Dorian Gray

A famed comedian dies after a month-long struggle for life, and condolence messages swamp the internet.

Someone writes “Why I don’t care” followed by a screenshot showing abusive language used by him on Twitter. Can this be the same person?

It’s not easy unboxing another life, to find remnants of strange secrets and unknown temperamental traits. We don’t know what drove him to dark corners where his soul gathered venom while his art flourished, or if he was hired to use his popularity to malign a particular segment.

The image is tarnished forever. Will his face look like Dorian Gray?

Written for Friday Fictioneers

30 thoughts on “Dorian Gray

  1. Problem is that we visualise a person or build an image of them based on few glimpses we get.

    Need to learn to delink, issues or a particular issue from the person or personality.

    People change and evolve continuously. A small part of their life should not be held against them at the cost neglecting the greater joy they spread. Because, we then acquire the negativity of that person and not the positivity.

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