Gates of history

The future occupies a higher mindshare than the past. There are times I feel history is being raked up only to settle political scores, or justify a stance which is not being accepted.

If I could travel on a time machine where would I go? ….to a future I’m curious about.

Youtube videos on future life progression show a person seeing her future reincarnation in a hypnotized state. Has someone done it in the long past? Is there a way to verify if it was true? But there was no Youtube and the internet back then… 

I’ve heard of Nadi astrology where a soul’s journey across different reincarnations is said to have been mapped on palm leaves. Every person who tried did not find her records, and those who did faced a language problem. The predictions are made in Tamil. Tough call….

But it shows there was a seer like Nostradamus or the Bulgarian Vanga Baba who could foresee the future and record it.

Karma theory baffles me further. Is it possible that I can alter a predestined future with my actions in this lifetime? Then, how reliable are the predictions?

I believe I am passing through a gate in history, but my presence may not be noticeable. A tiny dot in the crowd can get obliterated by technology or divine intervention.

If I can make a difference, it is to the life forms around me. If the wave is strong enough to travel like the Power of Intention by Dr.Wayne Dyer, maybe it gets amplified.

I think I can become a superpower by influencing the present, which appears so arduous a task. History will take care of itself. 

Written for Reena’s Xploration Challenge #248


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