Blogging Challenges

I moved from 28 followers to 3K+, just by participating in writing prompts.

What changed in the process was the intent and theme of the blog. I moved from articles to flash fiction and poetry. I do have a flair for writing from schooldays, but I accept with full gratitude that I learnt a lot here. 

I tried my hand at syllabic poetry and am still learning. I thought I could never write fiction, but I managed to publish a book on Amazon.

As Jim points out, I do feel happy when the host of the prompt engages with the participants. But that doesn’t stop me from participating in prompts where they don’t, if the prompt inspires me in some way. 

I’ve been hosting the Xploration Challenge for close to five years now, and I thoroughly enjoy the discussions and response.

The best part of interactions in this space is the acceptance and non-judgemental comments. Ideas do not attract acerbic responses like on social media.

All I can say about blogging prompts is “May the tribe increase”

Written for Friday Faithfuls at MLMM


17 thoughts on “Blogging Challenges

  1. I like this, because I’ve recently started doing writing prompts, and I’ve seen an increase in views and likes. How long did it take for your followers to reach to 3k? Mine’s trickling in… I’m interested in learning more about your Xploration challenge though.

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  2. I love your Xploration challenge, mostly because I never know what kind of prompt to expect, as it could be a word or a phrase or a picture or something entirely different. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, Reena.

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