Better connected

from there to here
from here to where
what a journey
in search of querencia

he derides my kneeling posture
then, my folded hands
and says
Go find it within …

What a laconic expression
for an iconic journey
from my world perception
to a place inside me

I only want sturmfrei
without going astray
the devil’s way
A smooth sashay
Of inspiring rays
into the core

It matters what
touches the heart
core transformed
I bother no more
being normed or stormed

It’s just that I stand
reborn, resurrected
not saved or redeemed
but better connected

To the soul…

Written for dVerse Poetics


21 thoughts on “Better connected

  1. A very thoughtful piece, giving much to ponder. It is not always easy to find the answers, balance, tranquility, purpose, etc. from within ourselves as the world spins around us. It is definitely a skill. I enjoyed the perspective and the peace in the end.

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