The Search & Gifts of Insight

We are receiving wonderful responses to RXC#246. Sharing a few…

Grace Y.Estevez Reddy says

Predictions tell what will form next,
exotic tools of ancient text,
withstanding time, jumping through test,
advice will tell “Which path is best”.

Spiritual soul, science filled mind,
pulls messages from deep inside,
tell mute stories that run and hide.
some will be tough, others are kind.

At times we choose to blind insight,
not see the truths, instead we sigh,
let other perceptions be right,
rely within another’s light.

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Paula Light from LightMotifs says

I looked for your face
In the leaves from my tea,
But I found only twigs
And a dried little bee.
So I asked my good friends
To do Ouija post-work,
And we talked to my grandpa
Who said you were a jerk.
Next, a gypsy read the lines
In the palm of my hand,

Read more at The Search


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