Only way to grow

Yes, you’re right, you’re spoilt for choice
not as simple as meat, veggies or rice
there’s a door to heaven, a gate to unknown
if you don’t say yes, one is forever gone…

Will you choose the obvious, Mom told you so
or taste the thunder and let caution go?
Will you regret giving up a bed of roses
breathing in ether, not having noses?

if you believe in a writer, let me tell you so
a character can come, play, stay or go
what hurts are blind ends, blank walls
not having a choice, not taking a call

the road not taken will always haunt
on familiar routes, you feel equally lost
tearing through the sky is breakthrough
knowing you can fly, hit the ground too

All that matters is having a choice
A back-up plan and chance to revise
I’ll go with freedom, I’ll go with the flow
It’s the only way to live, only path to grow

Written for dVerse Poetics


16 thoughts on “Only way to grow

  1. A wonderful compilation of the multitude of choices we are faced with.

    ‘Will you regret giving up a bed of roses
    breathing in ether, not having noses?’

    This immediately brought to mind the image of those who had ‘cut off their nose to spite their face’ in giving up the bed of roses in the first place. Brava!

    Liked by 1 person

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