Musician on a break

The poetry form is Echo Verse

rest, recharge, recuperate … eight
nights of musical bands — banned
all songs, all sound bytes – bites
of kebab, pints of alcohol – hall
mark of decadence boos – booze
just blocks ache, sleep arrests – rest
now till pain finds a berth – birth

of memories, sorrow again – gain
insights till you get it right – rite
of passage through darkness- Yes
a creative person’s nightmare – mere
execution of inspiration – shun
the external, celebrate – eight
more nights of musical bands – banned


Just because we’ve been doing things one way doesn’t means it’s the only way. A vacation can simply be a deviation from the norm. 

Written for Sunday Confessionals


9 thoughts on “Musician on a break

  1. I adore the continuity of wordplay and tongue twisting you continue from start to end; it made me see the poem as a spiral of imagery that sounds way to familiar and interchanges between simple moments from our memories, but also deeper questions and deeds

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