I spent a day in a hospital learning that walking without crutches is an ambition.

My cook wants her daughters to be educated well. What’s great about that? Every mother would like it that way. It’s also her ambition to have a sturdy roof to withstand the storms, and a strong door latch to keep the neighborhood wolves away from her blossoming daughters.

The retired person dreams of her cabin at work and a team taking instructions from her. It might be too late or ambitious to start a business of her own now, with the same power and infrastructure. But the thought continues to nag her.

Ambition is great – but compatible with youth, power and money. 

Dreams keep us wistfully alive, just falling short of becoming ambition.

Acceptance is defeat, without a game plan to change what’s undesirable.

Alive and active — is what keeps me going, when I don’t know where the end lies. It may be a moment, or a decade away or more than that. Movement is life – mental, physical or spiritual.


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